Clear after-sales service preferential terms and warranty response time: within the warranty period of 24 to 36 hours (48 hours outside the province) to reach the site maintenance. After the expiration of warranty, clear routine maintenance time and maintenance commitments.
Valve type equipment to provide free maintenance for one year and provide a list of free spare parts within this period, free maintenance period, such as non-human causes damage (except for force majeure reasons), the company will promptly replace and repair free of charge.
Equipment requirements for the implementation of life-long package repair, free warranty period after the buyer, such as commissioned by our company for maintenance, the company will replace the equipment maintenance (ex-factory price), and details of the content of peacekeeping.
The Company shall provide the minimum period of use of the equipment. Within this period, the buyer shall have the right to trace back the responsibility of the seller for the occurrence of serious accidents (except for force majeure) for non-human operational reasons.
When a certain equipment to stop or change the surname production, our company will stop or modified production plan prior notice to the buyer, the buyer has sufficient time to purchase the necessary spare parts; the same time, the company free of charge to provide the spare parts drawings and related technical parameters.
I provide the company with the service
Installation and commissioning is responsible for equipment maintenance, operation and operation of maintenance personnel training. The above services are provided free of charge.
Spare parts required: Standard accessories and special tools to ensure proper operation of the equipment are included in the bid price for the complete equipment.
I am in the company to the interests of customers first, customers would like to think that the urgency of urgency, and we can do to meet customer requirements, good after-sales service.