Tyco valves provide all the services are for customers to create more value. Timely, high-quality, professional is the characteristics of Tyco after-sales service. Tyco Valve can provide you with a full set of technical information, drawings and product specifications, production schedules, production inspection control plans and so on for the first time. Professional quality control personnel for your after-sales products to provide detailed quality tracking. Professional customer service and technical personnel to provide on-site inspection of the box, installation guide, commissioning and technical training services. Tyco Valves cherish every exchange with customers, a full range of industrial valve solutions and improve after-sales service to help you at any time to respond to challenges.

● Warranty
1, before the installation of pipeline technology and construction results of the impact of the valve assessment;
2, after the installation of the state that the valve;
3, the pipeline purging results on the impact of valve seal assessment;
4, driving the system before commissioning to participate.
● Fault analysis and troubleshooting
1, the cause of the valve failure of the potential causes of the system analysis;
2, comprehensive assessment of the failure of the valve in the exclusion process risk assessment of the risk-sharing.
● product maintenance, maintenance
1, to provide accessories, equipment and maintenance programs;
2, online or offline maintenance and repair;
3, professional development of maintenance recommendations and programs;
4, oil, natural gas pipeline long-term all-welding ball valve and the main line of online maintenance or guidance;
5, the special valve precision calibration and maintenance program to provide regular;
6, the customer site maintenance or maintenance of the valve after the establishment of long-term file links, the same period to establish a regular return mechanism.
● On-site technical service
1, valves and piping related professional and technical advice;
2, on the selection of valves and professional design proposals for the replacement program;
3, pipeline technology and the impact of media on the valve assessment;
4, to provide professional equipment to help rule out the impact of valve operation-related factors.
● Product use
1, the actual operation of the troubleshooting exercise, to meet customers a full range of industrial valve solutions;
2, for customers to develop specific needs of the personality program to meet specific media, flow rate, flow, inspection, testing, maintenance cycle maintenance recommendations.
● Performance Pledge
1, professional and sincere treatment of each employee, so that they become professionals in the industry;
2, with professional and mature team to provide superior customer service;
3, honest service, keep its promise, and customers to establish long-term cooperative partnership.