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VA - 3200 actuators

Model:VA-3200 Buyer's Guide
1. Please procurement list by fax to 021-56476999 or email zshfm @ zshvalve
2. Receipt of customer purchase list, followed by my company to provide customers with valves offer [price list] and selection [Valve Model] service.
3. Specific issues agreed: delivery. Special requirements, etc.
Choose die-casting aluminum bracket and PC engineering plastic shell;
Low power consumption, low noise, large output torque;
Combined with the body flexible, can adapt to the needs of different pressure difference;
Hysteresis clutch motor, with magnetic hysteresis clutch protection function, can generate stable under the condition of the pause torsion valve can be still in any position;
Ak turn control: according to the need to be flexible connection and reversing, to match the different body.