About Us

Respect spirit: self-improvement, Heiner rivers, challenges the limit, the pursuit of excellence, to create the best flagship brand.
Extreme purpose: people-oriented, sincere business, build quality, contributing to society.
Operating culture: a decade-specific single, take the sustainable development strategy, the implementation of very low risk, build quality works, so that every customer has become our advertising media, to achieve double goals, to create a century supreme.
Career Culture: Only a kind of work as a cause, will have professional dedication, the pursuit of excellence.
Quality culture: quality is the life, improve product quality never-ending.
Service culture: to meet the needs of users is our pursuit of our work is a new starting point, is the courage to move forward, and the first commitment to repair within 24 hours, and after the regular return visit, to provide customers with better quality of services .
Team awareness: unity is strength, there is no successful individual, only a successful team, is to create the ultimate guarantee of a century supreme.
Development strategy: Looking back at the past, we are pleased to see the reform and innovation has brought a vibrant, business has formed and challenges are real, we will advance with the times, unity and hard work, the supreme building into a first-class valve business for themselves Of the development goals. Strengthen the company's comprehensive strength and achieve sustained and stable development of the company.